Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Not sure if this is common knowledge or not yet but there is a Pembrokeshire wildlife sightings event at the Merlin theatre in Haverfordwest on November 24th from 6.30 pm. Tickets and more information are available at Sounds like it could be an interesting evening. Would be great to see more events like this around the county.

Moving on to actual sightings..... Plenty of birds about - thrushes, kingfishers, jays, goosander, goldeneye, gadwall all at Stackpole; but best of all for me today was a small group of goldcrests at the Court car park. Stepped out of the car to the sound of my first goldcrests of the year. There's a lot of tree felling going on around the estate but i don't think I've ever seen the woods so alive with birds. Throw in to the mix the incredible colours on the trees and I had one of my best afternoons at Stackpole. Two otters, one fairly close - still a joy to see.

Another real highlight was the sight of 3 hen harriers near the road to Stackpole Court ( I do go to other places - honest!). They were on the ridge on the left hand side (the sloping field with a solitary tree). A first for me in that area. Sorry the pictures aren't too great.

A flock of a few hundred starlings put on a great show a few days ago on the road to Rhoscrowther. Will have to make the trip up to either North Pembs or Aberystwyth some time to see the giant flocks in those areas.

Lastly, my first live badger in many years on Jack Skones lane in Pembroke at half midnight on Saturday was a very welcome sight.

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