Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Friday, 24 December 2010

Wildlife Galore near Solva

Had a trully amazing walk this morning on the coastpath near my home in Solva. It began with woodcock flushing right under my nose it's rusty red outline gliding off into the distance. I then spotted a statue like Buzzard sitting on a post which didn't fly off even when I approached within about 20 feet. It delighted me with a cock of it's tail followed by a jet from the rear end! Then back to it's one-legged perch on the post! As I continued on my route more Woodcock flushed from the hedgerow followed by Red wings and a Sparrowhawk and a flock of flapping and peeping Lapwings in the field beyond. On to the coastpath and the view towards Ramsey was stunningly dramatic; a grey sky heavy with snow and golden first light bursting through the clouds. More Lapwings and Woodcock in amongst the grazing sheep and another scruffy looking Buzzard which took off and headed towards Porth y Rhaw. It landed on a cliff edge and settled itself. Then suddenly some high pitch shrieks and two steelly grey shapes appeared in the sky and dive bombed the shaggy Buzzard. A pair of Peregrines ascending vertically then in turn plummeting and swooping on the Buzzard. Amazing! I'm not sure I'd like to be dive bombed my a pair of those!
Continuing on I began to wonder what would happen next. I then came across some feathers fanned out and frozen in the snow - last nights dinner for a hungry fox maybe. Looking closer at the tracks in the snow I started to follow the foxy paw prints then was startled by a red flash 10 feet away. The fox! It ran to the thick brambles across the valley and paused to look round at me before disappearing into the thicket. Nearing the pond at Nine Wells I crept very quietly to the waters edge hoping for the next treat. And there they were, the pair of Little Grebes diving and fishing between the icy patches in the golden morning light.
A few more Woodcock and some Snipe and I was nearly home. I almost ran home as I couldn't wait to tell Tom about my wildlife sightings! What a treat it is to live in Pembrokeshire- we are blessed!

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  1. Many thanks for telling about the great wildife you saw on your walk.