Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Monday, 7 March 2011

re Westfield Pill

In answer to the comments on my earlier post from shooting star I would like to clarify a couple of issues.
1. (paparazzi) I took thisstatement from a previous post and was not aiming at any one person. It had been brought to my attention by an elderly gent who was concerned about the possible disturbance caused to the otters and maybe halting them crossing the bridge to go on to the reserve. It was a general apeal and not directed at any one person. I believe that we spoke later on in the day and I could see nothing wrong with what you was doing at the time . You seemed to be doing everything in a discreet and profesional manner. If I have upset you in any way I apologise.
2. Regarding dog fouling I understand that this is an ongoing problem and that it is difficult to find an answer to this. I will be meeting Nathan Walton of the trust later this week and I hope that we can find an answer to this and other issues we have on the reserve.
Please if you have any issues about the running of the reserve do not hesitate to contact me. I am only willing and eager to hear of any problems.


  1. Hi Barry

    Thanks for the comments and private email. As mentioned Wildlife and Photography are my passion. I always try to respect the countryside and wildlife.
    Re dog fouling. I had a similar problem on a site that I have bird feeding stations. I contacted my local councilor and he arranged for the local dog warden to 'go under cover' I am sure a few £50 'on the spot fines' for offenders will soon get the message around. I do believe that litter and dog mess is a far greater threat to the pill than responsible photographers. However I would request that if there are more than three in attendance, we leave it until another day. It is normally quite on week days.

    Regards Shootingscenes.

  2. Perhaps it was my unfortunate reference to "paparazzi" that has caused some comment. I was merely referring to the impressive length of the lenses on display than the number of photographers! In fact, there were just four like-minded wildlife enthusiasts who had a great morning in the spring sunshine sharing our common interest. This is a great by-product of the Bird Blog and this one is that friends are easily made.

    Thanks go to Barry for raising the question as to whether someone standing on the bridge for an extended period of time will prevent the otters from moving down the Pill. Perhaps those with greater knowledge of this family will be able to provide some guidance.