Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Thursday, 3 March 2011


I note with interest the post "PAPPARAZI AT THE PILL" . Maybe it is better to err on the sign of caution with regards to the otters. Whilst not wanting to deny anybody a sighting I think that common sense must prevail. Otters are protected by law and willfull disturbance is illegal so a mass photo shoot is probably not the best thing to do. Lets try and be responsible here chaps.
Seen on and near the reserve today both SMALL TORTOISE SHELL and PEACOCK butterfly.
Regards to all,( hope that I havnt caused offence to anybody).


  1. Let's hope the new warden will tackle the dogs off lead issue,and the unwillingness of the Trust to look after the flaura and fauna of this once wonderful reserve with the same enthusiasm, and commitment as his predecessor.

  2. Hi All

    It could be that I was one of the THREE so say Paparazzi at the Westfield Pill. As a dedicated wildlife photography that spends many hours watching and photographing wildlife I take umbrage at being branded Paparazzi.

    Maybe your remarks should be directed at the so say nature lovers who shout and ball and let their dogs run riot. Have you been to the far end of the Pill where the dog mess is horrendous? Also the jolly ‘picnickers’’, who so considerably, leave behind the detritus of their stay.

    An unusual sighting will always create interest but will soon become history to many. The water rail has created a lot of interested but its frequent visits of last year did not seem to attract to many? Yes, and, I am sure that most serious wildlife observers are aware that otters are protected along with many other species.