Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Thursday, 14 April 2011


A tragedy today. My lovely dog refused to leave whatever was interesting her 2 fields away on our midday walk, so I had to go back for her. Sadly she had killed a very young fox cub, probably on its first outing. The earth was near in the base of a bank. A raven glided down as soon as we were on our way. I have no doubt the vixen will have carried the cubs off to one of the other earths by now, but I will look tomorrow (minus dog!). The photo was one 'taken earlier'.

Petr Byles. Ceibwr.

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  1. Do now be mindful of the dog that has now ,tasted, a kill. Lots of lambs about this time of year! Could end up being shot!