Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Friday, 1 July 2011

Mixed up Crow

I have had a couple of really pretty pigeons in the garden recently and then this Crow arrived. At first I thought it may be a Hooded Crow but we are too far South and the hood is not large enough. It could be a cross-breed but we are still a bit too far South so I guess it has a pigment problem...unless someone out there knows different?
Ooh, it could be a Welsh mutation! (For anyone trying to learn Welsh)


  1. I thought I had posted a reply but it seems not. I can see it is a Jackdaw now you say but it fooled me as all the others in my garden are darker and smaller. The picture was taken through a dirty window and I had to bring up the contrast to improve the quality. It really was very grey. (I leave my windows dirty due to bird strikes. I swear they aim at the masking tape crosses!)