Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Friday, 4 November 2011


You all may be fed up with hearing me on the radio but this is a bad time for hedgehogs. Some are hibernating but some mothers are still with their babies while some very young ones have only just left their mothers. Their favourite nesting, resting or sleeping places are in dry leaves, compost heaps and piles of wood so a lot get scooped onto bonfires or crawl into the wood that is piled ready. Please, if you are lighting a bonfire, either set it and light it right away, move it before lighting it, try to look into it with a strong torch or, if none of these are possible, at least light only one side so any animals inside it may stand a chance of escaping. It is not only hedgehogs that are burnt alive in bonfires.
Any hedgehogs under 650g at this time of year need picking up to be cared for throughout the winter as well as any seen out during the day. For more information on this you can look at my web site

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