Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the upside down world of flies

there is so much to see here in Pembrokeshire. things that absolutely continue to amaze me. later this afternoon, when the air had become cooler and rain was to arrive a few hours later, I discovered this most amusing celebration of weirdness! all sorts of flies clinging upside down on the stems of the wild mustard plants in our vegetable garden. Peter Byles was very impressed with this very strange behaviour and he did not know what they were up to.

Perhaps flies sleep like this? maybe someone could tell us what the flies were doing.
can anyone help identify them. they must have names.

I am only now beginning to discover flies and spiders.
the world arround us seems to be absolutely full of them!


  1. I've never come across this myself but if the insects were dead rather than asleep it may be Summit Disease? I found out about this reading Martyn Hnatiuk's post on Gower Wildlife. More info on the links

    It's a fascinating subject!

  2. good morning Mark,

    well I have been our to check this morning and I am afraid that you are right. all dead on the plants. thank you for your comment, really appreciate it. nasty reality. like looking through a window into the hidden world of insects and their ailments! we continue to live and learn and sometimes what we learn is not very cheery.