Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I used to ask Radio Pembrokeshire to help on these occasions but, since Ben Stone left, they no longer respond.

This is a plea on behalf of the hedgehogs. Due to the weather conditions, people and the Councils are all dashing out when the opportunity arrises to strim, mow, cut back and trim as the vegetation is so lush. Unfortunately, the hedgehogs had their babies not very long ago and nests are being devastated, mothers either desert or are killed and orphaned babies are falling out on to roads, into gardens and wandering around, unable to fend for themselves. Please look before strimming etc and, should you find a nest, don't disturb it. If the babies are alone, maybe give the mother an hour to return. If she is not back, she is not coming. Pick up the babies and keep them very warm with a water bottle of some sort, hot enough to be able to be held against your cheek. Ring your nearest rescue centre (probably me) or get advice from the British Hedgehog Preservation Scy. Baby hedgehogs are a special needs case and it is doubtful that you will have the facilities or equipment to deal with them. Also, they may be very ill as I have discovered Fluke in my babies tonight. It has to have been transmitted through the mothers as they are not old enough to have eaten the snails that carry it. Lungworm can also be transmitted this way and both kill.

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