Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I have recently been pleased to note that there seems to be a bit of a resurgence in Cuckoo numbers this year around where i live near Strumble Head.

It seems from Pemb's Bird Blog that others are of the same opinion. I wonder if the wider naturalists community in Pembs are noticing this and also if there is any explination such as more hairy caterpillars for them to eat?

Was there a shortage of hairy caterpillars in the past ten years or so? I found several Fox Moth caterpillars at one site near the coast last February in the middle of what was one of the coldest winter/spring periods recorded. despite their fur coats, several were found dead some days later!


More Cuckoos

I had the pleasure of staying in Cilgwyn over the weekend and enjoyed Cuckoos in stereo, with a male calling from the slopes of Carn Ingli on one side and another on the outskirts of Ty Canol on the other. Both were still calling for long periods with some gusto, being heard from early morning til dusk.  It was also lovely being in a location where L Redpolls were constantly around the vicinity, not something I enjoy living in a town.


Have to agree with  Walrus on the Cuckoo situation this year - Three were very active on the airfield heathland yesterday morning, presumably a female  being chased by two males. Another warbling female was heard  coming from a thicket near the west car park. 

Haha! Cuckoo's still here!

Very happy to say our cuckoo's are still around, well past the time when they would have just been passing by. Its the first year in quite a few years that they seem to be breeding. Both were heard and one seen over the last week or so whilst sitting out in garden in evening or morning dog walk. Also seems to be a few more Swifts about than the past couple of years! I also seem to be seeing more Kites about , over the garden and also over Fishguard and Goodwick below us. All in all a nice early summer, The only thing missing that we used to have breeding here, is Starlings. Maybe next year! 

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