Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Saturday, 24 May 2014


The photography workshop on Skomer Island last Tuesday was memorable for a number of reasons. The forecast the night before was terrible but there is always the chance that the showers would miss us! The day started with sunshine and no wind and we made our way to the Wick to make sure that we spent as much time photographing the puffins before a storm passed through. The bluebells in South Stream Valley were glorious with pink campion coming through strongly. 

There were plenty of puffins at the Wick and the faces of the group were beaming with smiles as they couldn't believe how close the birds were. The rain started around 1pm and we sheltered in Moorey Mere hide as one of the heaviest rain storms that I have ever seen lashed the island.

An hour later and the skies cleared and the wind had picked up making spectacular flying conditions for the fulmars and puffins. These gave great opportunities to learn how to capture birds in flight. The slopes were covered in hundreds of puffins as the rain and wind had brought them back to land where many were busy collected new nesting material as many burrows would have been temporarily flooded by the deluge. A puffin pair were seen mating but this is probably far too late to be successful in raising a chick.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures of Puffins! An icon of the Pembrokeshire coastal islands seen not just as aesthetically pleasing but also as part of its ecosystem.