Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


We travelled about 50 miles south to Bosherston today, as the grand-daughters visiting us remembered watching an otter there about 4 years ago.

When we arrived there were so many visitors that we felt the otters would be lying low. We saw not a ripple. However we were treated to lots of other wonderful things. Alder flies ( they would have quikened my pulse in my wicked flyfishing youth). A fleshy non spotty Early Purple Orchid . Mining bees, about 20, zoomed and settled over a particular patch of sand. Scilla verna already blooming (weeks earlier than up in North Pembs). A most obliging Robin (I searched my pockets for crumbs). For me the highlight of the day was a Green Tiger Beetle. It led me a merry dance on this limestone rockface, but I just managed a blurred photo. Well worth the long drive.

Peter Byles, Ceibwr.

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  1. Regarding the otters - last year they didn't seem to care if there were lots of people around. I always used to practically tiptoe around the place in the hope of seeing one but never with any luck, then last year they appeared and were showing really well regardless of people, dogs or noise. To be fair though, I haven't seen one in the past three or four visits to Bosherston, and I'm down there at least once a week. Good luck!