Amourobius ferox

Amourobius ferox
By Peter Byles

Friday, 12 August 2011

By The Wind Sailor.

There have been several  "By The Wind Sailor" stranding events  over the past few years. The last one about four or five years ago was not merely restricted to Pembrokeshire. The shores of southern Ireland, south west England and most of Wales were covered in them, literally billions, a fantastic eruption of biomass, one of the most incredible wildlife spaectacles I have ever witnessed!  Whilst on the marine theme... (hope you dont mind Andy),

I, like many others thoroughly enjoyed the BBC programme about TV personality/marine biologist Monty Walls helping the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and taking  Photo ID images for them last night.
However I would point out that to do this in the UK, you require a licence from CCW/English Nature/Scottish Heritage depending where you are doing it.

The danger is that if everyone with a boat and a camera goes out chasing them, they could panic and either strand or mothers and calves become separated. Its a job for trained researchers.

To chase, follow or disturb dolphins or other protected sea creatures to photograph them is illegal and anyone doing so without a licence could be prosecuted. That is not to say merely taking photo's of animmals you encounter by chance is illegal but you must not chase them for photographs.
For more info see:
Cliff /Sea Trust

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